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Oliver Fade was born in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico and raised on the South Side of Chicago. Surrounded by the cultural influences and violence of the city, Fade found a sanctuary in music, where he embraced Hip Hop and Chicago’s very own House music. Fade got two turntables and a mixer at the age of 12, and by 16, he was producing the raw hip hop talent and smooth vocal stylings of his neighborhood. Fade kept perfecting his music and artistry; performing solo and as a member of various groups, producing hip hop and house music for artists, and eventually founding Ill State, a hip hop trio, with his childhood friend Em Ce Haze (Carbajal) and Tommy Solace. Behind Fade’s unique production style and skills as a turntablist, as well as the incendiary writing and unmatched flow of Haze and Tommy, Ill State produced a powerful catalog. Months before Ill State was set to release its newest album, Haze died in a tragic accident. The loss of his best friend and the weight of world events had Fade again searching for sanctuary in music. Drawing from his roots and adding his signature touch, Fade threw himself into his music and created “Music Is Gonna Save Me.” An ode to the power of music, and capturing the story of how far Oliver Fade has come, “Music Is Gonna Save Me” will be Fade’s first release on the famed Trax Records, fulfilling a childhood dream and proving that certain thing we all love about music. “Music Is Gonna Save Me” will be available on all major platforms for streaming and downloading on June 25th, 2020 as well as available for purchase as a digital download and vinyl record.